Thursday, October 14, 2010

One of my most favorite times to pray is at night listening to worship music on my computer with a smelly candle lighting up the room while I lay on the floor.

What am I learning today and in the last few months about Jesus?!

I started reading this book called a Praying Life late this summer. It taught me how to pray all the time. It taught me how weak I am and that I need to call on the spirit moment to moment for HELPPPPPP! It taught me how to ask like I asked for things as a child because GOD LOVES TO PROVIDE FOR HIS CHILDREN!

So I started asking God for where I should live this semester at school  bc my dad doesn't have a job and I did not want him to pay for my rent.. I started praying about a car that was hopefully gas efficient because if I were to live at home in brentwood and travel to Murfreesboro everyday I would need a car that could get me there CHEAP.

I started to see how needy and hopeless I was, although I could probably stress and cry trying figure it all out on my own, I decided to take God's word as truth and believe He would provide if I asked.....

I told one of my bestfriends my prayers (bc i tell her most things) and after we met she talked to my RUF campus minister's wife who talked to my campus minister who talk to a sweet and hospitable family at the church who then offered to let me live with them for my senior year of college rent free!!!

After living with the Pasarillas for three weeks and test driving a lot of too expensive cars, a little 2000 Honda Civic was for sale on craigslist for an extremely reasonable price that I could afford!!! It's great on gas and it really looks brand new considering its 10 years old!!!

God Provides!
so here I am with a place to live in Murfreesboro rent free and a nice car that is gas efficient...

Out of the overflow of my heart toward my gracious heavenly father who hears my prayers.. I want to give my money, time, worries, and dreams to Him who can be trusted!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Day in a Nut Shell.

*I woke up around 9:40am (sleeping in has been hard to do lately so I was pleased with the time I woke up!)

*Got a text around 10am from my dad asking me about my schedule for the day BECAUSE HE WANTED TO LOOK AT A CAR FOR ME!

*12:15 my parents looked at a 2000 Honda Civic!

*Babysat until 1:30pm

* My Parents told me they were serious about this car

*Met my parents at cracker barrel @ 2:00pm

*Withdrew all my savings at 3:00pm

*Picked the little baby car up at 4:30pm!!!

*filled up the car and topped it off.. $26.00!!!
It gets over 30miles to the gallon! 5:00pm

*Sitting at home trying to concentrate on school work 9:45pm.. failure!


Dad is so happy for me!

For some strange and obnoxious reason I cannot look at any picture in my library before I upload them so I just decided to go ahead and upload whatever random image I clicked on.
This is Emma. I decided and she agreed one day that I would give her a makeover. She was completely overjoyed to have a makeover. She is such a little princess.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where do I even begin with this summer???

I feel like it's been one huge learning experience...I've been learning about my sin.

I prayed God would reveal my sin to me at the beginning of this summer..

He did! I am soooooo thankful because I've grown like a weed! I've learned I can trust God in all aspects with my fear of RELATIONSHIPS, the future, and my everyday!

I've learned that I can call on the Holy Spirit at any point in my day and He is there..

I've seen him answer prayers when I'm vulnerable and when I'm constantly submitting my desires to him!

I have grown in the knowledge of who Jesus was on earth... Holy smokes, He really does blow me away.. His personality was so confident and bold..

This summer has been one of the very best.

I want to hold his feet and sit by Him. I daydream about being with Him..

God is the provider!!! All we have to do is ask! I love that about Him!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Two things:
*I learned RECENTLY to make someone feel guilt about their sin is sin. (Yelling at them and giving them the eyes really isn't ok... God convicts not me)

*I learned how terrible I am at trusting God with people. When I feel in my spirit a restless unsettled peace I should trust it and not reason with it, because He never fails to be right!

A Great Conviction
Yesterday I hung out with my campus Minister. I was trying to tell him about a friend that I wish my campus minister could hang out with so that they could better understand real Christianity. I explained to him that it might be intimidating for this person to hang out with a campus minister or a pastor. He confidently replied, "Oh yeah, we can meet in a coffee shop and I'll smoke a cigarette with them!"
You see my campus minister doesn't have a habit of smoking cigarettes. He isn't a smoker. He was however, willing to smoke one sacrificing his image in order to show JESUS to someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I've never even considered doing that! I want a perfect image more than I care about another truly sad! I pray I would be willing to sacrifice my image!

Fill me up with Your presence because where You are is where I belong..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"God made us cousins because He knew our mom's couldn't handle us as sisters!"
Some things I'd like to say...

I feel so close to you again lately old times...speaking of old times...

Thanks for helping me birth 11 dead rat babies in biology class

I'm sorry I peed on you when we were younger.

Thanks for always allowing me to do makeovers and hairdos on you and then not being mad when I accidentally hurt you somehow (Everyone knows I'm the one who needed the makeover and helmet!)

Thanks for always making my birthdays soo special! EVERY YEAR!
I loved being in major clubs with you that saved the planet. (adventure girls, that peace girls)

Sorry for always wanting you all to myself (a.k.a never wanting to play with your other friends, or liking your other friends)

I'm so glad we were both really freaked out by nice guys in highschool... It could have been lonely hiding out in the bathroom by myself..

Thanks for being my first room mate in college! (sorry it wasn't what we thought!)

Sadly Lace, you made me into a total weirdo, because you have always laughed at me when I act like a freak....

I just love you lace!

I love you so much! I'm so glad we're cousins and best friends! ;)

No one could ever replace you!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sisters this blog is for you! :)
The Baby, Middle, and Oldest
Izzy and I = the baby sister:

"Being the youngest of five, you're adored, you're fueled with confidence."
-Martin Short

“Being the third and youngest member of her family to be on the team, she has seen what it takes to succeed. You see that a lot with younger brothers and sisters who had a chance to follow their older (siblings). They kind of learn the valuable lessons and know what to expect. They understand some of the traditions.” - Jim Callahan

Tiffany and Emma the middle sister:

"a middle child is like the peanut butter and jelly in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or the creamy part in the middle of an oreo." -unknown

"The middle child is in a somewhat precarious position – between the dominating older sibling and the often-pampered youngest sibling. Given that the middle child is positioned between the extremes, he or she may become a negotiator who is friendly, sociable and compliant. However, middle children can often be more rebellious than their siblings, feeling the need to garner some of the spotlight. As a result, middle children will often strive to do things that are unconventional. "

Cortney and Mary = Oldest sister

"The oldest is presumed to be the most responsible out of all your siblings. Parents trust you and they got your back all the way. You've been through life longer than any of your siblings. You know the ways, hows things are done, and how to get around."

"The Oldests typically make good leaders and strive to please others."